Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions between the owner of a horse or a person appointed by him, legal capacity, hereinafter called the “Client” and in its function as commercial HUF nurse, in the following “HUF”nurse called Mrs Sandra Schlösser.

The following contract is concluded following a mutual declaration:

§ 1 Contract and performance

1.) The client, commissions the hoof carer to perform hoof care at one ungulate in his or her property.

2.) In case the order is issued by a representative of the owner and there is no evidence that this is happening against the will of the owner, his /her approval is assumed.

3.) The hoof carer undertakes to render the service offered by him according to her best knowledge and conscience, in a form which meets the ungulate in its natural determination.

§ 2 place and date

1.) Client and hoof carer provide their performance at a time and place approved by both sides

2.) The hoof carer provides her service only, if the owner or a person with competence commissioned by him is present.

3.) A cancellation or modification of the place or the time is valid only with confirmation.

4.) Delays must be accepted by unforeseeable events from both sides up to a  duration of 1.5 hours.

5.) If a performance cannot be provided for the reasons mentioned above, a compensation for damages in the maximum amount of the order value may be required.

6.) Damages are excluded in a prevention due to force majeure or manifest impossibility.

§ 3 Acceptance

1.) The approval is performed by the owner or a person appointed by him having complete competence, immediately after the work is finished

2.) In case the owner or the person authorized by him are no longer present or prevented at the time of the approval, it is deemed.

§ 4 Prices and payment

1.) The prices are those in the currently valid price list. Any benefits are not entitled to persistence.

2.) Payment is made in cash immediately after the approval in cash. A payment by bank transfer is possible only in special cases and with prior arrangement. This has to be made without deductions within 10 days.

§ 5 End of contract

1.) With the acceptance and the payment  the contract ends.

§ 6 Warranty and liability

1.) The hoof carer will offer a warranty of 14 days for her work.

2.) She is liable only for damages which are direct and time related to her work.

3.) The warranty and liability shall lapse if the recommendations about the use or keeping of the ungulate is not followed, the animal is stressed beyond its natural determination, the damage is beyond the control of the hoof carer or if to possible consequences has been alluded in advance.

4.) A deficit must be announced to the hoof carer immediately. She must be given the possibility of rectification of defects.

5.) Damage must be reported the hoof carer immediately. She,  a responsible person, as well as the insurance must be given the opportunity to review the damage.

6.) Damages for any defects may be required in the amount of the order value maximum. Compensation for damage may be required maximum equal to the statutory minimum sums.

§ 7 General information

1.) The language of the contract is German.

2.) German law applies.

3.) Should a provision of this agreement become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

4.) An invalid part of the general terms and conditions is by both parties immediately replaced by a valid part which comes closest to the legal and economic content of the ineffective component.