Hoof boots

… the equestrian scene is now impossible to imagine without hoof boots.

More and more owners are realizing the benefit of not shoeing their horse. In many cases – not in all – the transition is possible. The natural function of the hoof is maintained in bar hoof horses, the optimum balance between attrition and growth is achieved. For longer rides or unfavorable soil conditions, hoof boots are the ideal alternative. The horse lives barefoot, as intended by nature, hoof protection is only applied if necessary. Due to the elasticity of the material, the hoof mechanism is retained.

For a good result, not only the choice of the right boot for your horse is essential, but also a perfect fitting. Never choose the hoof boots by looks, but always take the form of the hooves, as much as the pace of your horse into consideration. Unfortunately the hoof boots are often sold without a fitting on the horse, so only with good luck you´ll find the right boot. That leads to dissatisfaction and is as little advisable, as buying a saddle without fitting.
I am happy to offer you a professional on-site advisory service. That includes advice for freshmen in the area of hoof boots, but also for those who have already used hoof boots and still are insecure about having chosen the right type.