The new Viper

Forthcoming, an innovation of the company Lander (Renegade) is available, the Viper. I have already had the chance to test a prototype of the shoe and see significant improvements to its predecessor in the fit, the sole is thicker and has far more grip. The basic principle remains the same, so is the Viper as also the renegade a shoe for hooves with rather flat heels. Since my horse had very regular hooves, I could not test whether the shoe with the change of the shell is  as suitable for irregular hooves. The sizing system was changed, unfortunately there is still no size 3!

Shooting in die Hufe-52


Change to bare hooved

After a long time of consideration I started the second attempt to switch my “old lady” with her 23 years and a degenerative neuropathy to barefoot. The first attempt without the aid of Hoof boots failed after a short time. I am curious whether it works now. Tiritar runs far better than expected on her first round with the jogging shoe, almost perfectly. We´ve had major problems with horse shoes. She stumbled and slipped, today these difficulties haven´t occurred once in the first round. Now we have to wait and see and hope that she gets along without hoof protection in her leisure time. At least for riding we have found the appropriate one!


Seminar Hoof shoes

Our first two beginner´s seminars for hoof experts on the subject of hoof boots we held on the 06.04 and 13.04.13. They were one-day seminars, offered by the company Strohm hoof fitting articles, consisting of theory in the morning and a practical part in the afternoon. My colleague and I were in charge of the seminar. Owing to an increasing demand, more seminars will follow.

Shooting in die Hufe-10

Hoof footwear advice Equitana in Essen

Also at Equitana in Essen from 16th – 24.03.2013 I was there at the booth of the company Strohm. The crowd in the corner of our hoof boots was hard to cope with. 🙂

Shooting in die Hufe-31